Kochi Tour Package

Kochi formerly Cochin, is a major port city on the west coast of India by the Arabian Sea and is part of the district of Ernakulam of the state of Kerala. Kochi was the spice capital of the World at one point and attracted travellers, explorers & Empires to its humble land. Subsequently, it has become home to many people: Jews, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Chinese, etcHosting one of the oldest churches, synagogues, temples in the World.

These days it has become a major tourist attraction with legions of Europeans, South eastasians, Jews, etc spending a relaxing holiday. It has become one of the many modern cities of India and a stepping ground to roundabout tour across Kerala. It has a modern transit system and old connectivity through its many cannals and Seas.

Some of the major attractions of kerala:


Ernakulam Mainland City — the heart and transport hub of Kochi with three distinct parts: the Central Business District (CBD) which has Mahatma Gandhi Road (MG Road) as the main arterial road along with Marine Drive and Chitoor Road; Downtown with upscale residential areas and the business district at SA Road and Vytilla Junction and the Suburb which has many business and commercial areas.

Willingdon Island — large man-made island made from sand dredged from the backwaters to deepen the Kochi Port. Named after Long Willingdon, then-the reigning Viceroy of India, it houses the Kochi Port, Southern Naval Command Headquarters of Indian Navy and many five star hotels.

Peninsula of Mattencherry and Fort Kochi (Old Kochi) — primarily a tourist enclave. Fort Kochi forms the upper part of the Peninsula with neatly arranged colonial buildings, narrow well-paved roads, Anglo-Dutch influenced structures and large antiques shops. Mattancherry is primarily a trading city, famous for its thriving Gujarati settlement brought to the city in the 16th and 17th centuries by the spice trade.

Bolgatty Island — the island where the British established a Royal Residency, which is now converted into a five star hotel. Famous for its large golf course, horse riding tracks, marina and boatyards.

Vallarpadom Island — where the new Kochi International Mega Container Terminal (ICT) has opened.

Vypin Island — one of the most densely populated islands in world with numerous fishing villages, tourist villages and the popular Cherai Beach.

Aluva — the second largest town in Kochi U/A, famous for its Periyar river banks. Kochi International Airport is nearby.

Thrikakara Town — famous for the large Vamana Temple, the focal centre of Onam, the national festival of Kerala.Also the home of Cochin University and other educational institutes.

Thripunithura — the erstwhile capital of the Kingdom of Kochi is famous for various historical palaces, museums and temples, and as a centre of the arts.

Dotted around the hills and valleys are 500 plus monuments. Among them are beautiful temples, basements of palaces, remains of aquatic structures, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, bastions, royal platforms, treasury buildings.., the list is practically endless. Hampi is a backpackers paradise, the same way the pilgrims delight.

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