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Sruti Travels is the passionate result of a decade long touring across the length and breadth of this magnificent Country. Incredible India as they say – for sure is magnificent! India is not only beautiful from the Inside but also the OUTSIDE. No where can you find the colors of Culture, Tradition, Religion, History & People like in this Country.

India is made up many states with different languages and varied social strata. India is beyond Guide Books, her variety is unique and exotic in its truest sense. Both, Old and New India mirror in her everyday life. Such is the attraction for India that people visiting her are immersed in the very Idea of it. Her beauty cannot be shared but only experienced making her Ideology and Philosophy expressible and explicable.

We believe that Incredible India is available to every type of Visitor. India is one of the very few countries in which one can cover a Snow bound Mountain, Desert, Hill Station, Modern City, Jungle Safari and beach in a seven day TOUR PACKAGE. From the Himalayas to Western Ghats to the southern tip of Kanyakumari you have a land full of amazing possibilities for your Holiday. We at Sruti Travels love this Country. Equipped with the terrain & logistics, it is our sincere endeavour to showcase its many riches. Mr Sunil takes personal interest in all tour developments and provide holiday packages covering most of India.

Our motto: Once our Customer always our Customer.

Mr Sunil Sruti Travels
*Sunil Damodar is a former Hedge Fund Manager, who has taken to traveling both as a fulltime Hobby & Business Interest. Mr Sunil is the CEO. He can be directly reached at the following contact details:

Mobile: +91 9357888323 / 8427950288(North India); +91-9357888323 (South India)

Fax: 0175-2308025

Email: sunil@srutitravels.com, srutitravels@gmail.com;


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